Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift on Amazon

If you haven’t decided 100% what to get your mama for Mother’s Day, look no further. I have a last minute idea that might tickle your fancy…

A Digital Photo Frame – Oh the memories that can be reminisced with this little gadget. If your mom loves pictures and has too many to go through on her phone, this might be a fun way to display them. So the way it works is an actual frame base will be delivered to her, along with cords, battery and instructions on everything so don’t fret. When she turns on the base, she can set it up to display pictures from for her phone or email! The frame is even a touch screen interface; how cool is that?

There is an app to download where you can send pictures and they appear right on the screen. The PhotoSpring Premium 10 inch frame is the only frame I have actually used and can speak for, but setting it up was pretty easy. There’s also no hidden or subscription fees, which is important. The last thing we want to do is give mom a gift she has to pay to use. It stores up to 15,000 photos! PRIME shipping and $169.

Your mom is worth it, you know she is.

If $169 is a little over your price range, let’s talk about a couple similar, more affordable options for the same functionality.

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame 10 inch – $129.99 with $10 eligible coupon plus PRIME shipping. Note that the only in stock color is choco brown. The white one is super cute but out of stock until the day after Mother’s Day.

MRQ Wifi Digital Picture Frame 10 inch – $99.99 Prime shipping. One of the only others ones I see with promised delivery date of Sunday, May 9.

If you like the graphic I used, you can check it out here. It would make a really cute card!

What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


Ashley’s Affordable Style

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